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Many people love SUP or surfing, or both, but only few people have their homes in front of their spot, with plenty of space in the garage to store a quiver of boards. Even those lucky people have a problem when they want to travel with their boards. Paying penalty fees up to 200 EUR for board transport to most is one thing. But did you ever try to fly to a tropical destination and to carry your longboard with you (most airlines wont transport your board longer than 6'6" anyway …)?


Here is the revolution in Surf and SUP Travel. England´s shaper legend Tim Mellors, who is designing and building championship winning surf boards and equipment since 1983, introduced the first European designed inflatable SUP's in 2008. Since then, more and more people keep their board rolled up in the trunk of their cars, always being ready for a quick ride on the water, or put it in their suitcase when travelling abroad. Incredible? Inflatable!

What ist the secret behind Tim´s inflatables? The "skin" of the boards is manufactured from layers of military grade "hypalon", this is the same material used on military inflatable boats (RIB's). Multiple layers of hypalon, are laminated together to produce a virtually unbreakable, airtight skin that can be left pumped up for months without noticing any air loss. The "skins" are then connected with "drop stitch" technology (there are 10 supporting anchor points per inch between the top and bottom deck). This "drop stitch", gives our inflatables incredible rigidity and minimum distortion when inflated to its optimum pressure of 15-17 PSI. Unlike other inflatable boards on the market, Tim´s inflatables also have a “carbon/kevlar strengthening strip bonded between the layers on the bottom deck. This increases the rigidity and reduces flexation, resulting in higher performance and "hard board feel". This makes Tim Mellors` inflatables the strongest on the the market. People are amazed when invited to stand on one in the car park when they find the deck does not sink under their feet, and how solid they are when squeezed with all their strength. They are truly rigid! We have driven over one of our SUP boards, pelted it with bricks and thrown it off a cliff, then taken it surfing, still fully functioning. Being back to travelling: Where ever you fly to - your board will always be in one piece when you arrive. This is not always the case when you travel with a conventional hard board …

We have now seven inflatable travelboards in our range you can chose from:

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